Keyboard hack

$10 electronic keyboard from Walgreens

Rar! With some screwdrivin and gusto…I broke into this bad boy!

And all the inside junk

The microchip (R.I.P)

Crazy circuits circus


Covered Beat-Seat


Rupa called me and said “So…how do you feel about animal fur?”

The fabulous fabric she picked out for the chair’s cover. It shed a whole lot.


Fabric lady

She loves it…

Cutest little switch you’ve evarrr seen!

Each switch sets off a different beat, beat seat?

Frankenstein-ing the chair

Bringin it to life, obvs.

Musical Chair — Sketches

Here is an old wicker chair that I had in my apartment (my old roommate brought it home one day). Anyway, some rough sketches, working ideas of this prototype with fabric switch placements:

Measurements of the fabric switches:

Location of the guts of the microchip and speaker are important things to consider. Probably would be best to keep them as hidden as possible. The good thing about a chair is that it has an underside and a back. Also, the wicker makes it easy to attach fabric to and stick wires through.